Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's a Yellow Tail?

We all know that I like a good value and enjoy a wine that is rich in taste, history, and overall fun! I would rather support a local or boutique winery/brewery than buy some corporate brand that mass distributes their products. For this reason, brands like Yellow Tail, Kendall Jackson, Beringer, and Miller are not my typical purchase. I feel like I just pay for advertising and big CEO paychecks. After reading a bit about Yellow Tail's history I might actually become a customer again for a few reasons.

Yellow Tail has always seemed to be a value wine that is kind of the "popular" thing to drink. People see plenty of advertisements and are drawn into this rapid movement of sales and increased distribution from this South Eastern Australian winery. This sixth generation family owned company has deep roots in Italy and delivers quality wines at a low price, even if you pay a bit more per bottle to see a kangaroo on the magazine pages. I have tried basically every varietal they sell, but I enjoy the Pinot Noir the most.

This pinot smells like blackberry brandy served in an oak glass. It has a soft taste of dark cherries and smoke. The aftertaste is like a vanilla flavored cigar that lingers for minutes. It is a bit dry and earthy, but I like that in a pinot noir. I personally tried it with slices of marble jack cheese and venison bacon. The bacon was a bit heavy and greasy for this wine, but what can I say I am poor. I envision this wine going best with a pasta that has a meaty-mushroom sauce.

We have now talked about two great values for Pinot Noir and nobody has yet to argue a better value. While a ten spot in your pocket can buy you Mark West, in most places you could score the Yellow Tail for $6-8.

Please remove yourself off a high horse if you are a wine snob, because I dare you to try this wine and tell me your thoughts!


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