Monday, December 22, 2008

In search of a winter warmer?

I like to drink beer in every season, but there is something to be said about a nice heavy beer to match the season of winter in Wisconsin. For those unaware of the frigid winter in Wisconsin. Below zero temps, snow, ice, shoveling, scraping your windshield, etc. You can complain all you want about the cold weather, shitty roads, and black ice. Trust me, some people do complain all winter long, and for those people who don't deserve Wisconsin, I hear that Phoenix, AZ is open and you can go live there all year long.
For the rest of us, we can persevere by finding that perfect winter beer. Please join me in drinking the best of winter seasonal beers that are out there. My previous favorites have been the Winter Welcome from Samuel Smith and Delirium Noel. In the cold weather I like a strong beer with higher alcohol content to create that warming sensation in your chest and throat, might sound wierd but its there.

My journey tonight starts with the Sprecher Winter Brew on a chilly night where the temp outside is O degrees. A seasonal, full bodied dark beer has caramel and chocolate aromas, and tastes pretty sweet with a clean finish. This lager is heavy, but not by any means the perfect winter warmer. Sprecher makes some good beer and the winter brew is average at best. I was hoping this beer would be a heavier version of the Black Bavarian, but its still worth a try.
It hails at 5.75%alc/vol and is available in 16oz bottles.

Suggestions please? You suggest a winter beer and I will drink it and review...happily! Cheers!

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Ben Lenox said...

mmmmm.......seasonal beer...

Sprecher downright kicks ass. That was a great post, Zak. I'm glad that winter beer is getting some love considering the fact I think it might be one of the least favorite of all seasonals--- when it comes to the consumer's opinion. Ahead of winter would probably be summer and oktoberfest...wouldn't you say?

On this note, recently I bought a 12pk of Capital Brewery's Winter Skaal--That was probably one of the better decisions I've made in the last month or so. The Skaal is very smooth without any bite whatsoever.
Also, I know this doesn't technically qualify as a "winter brew", but Dan Carey's (New Glarus' Brewmaster (if you don't know, shame on you!)) latest unplugged batch is quite a hit.
He's brewed up an Apple Ale that's quite tasty! Using apples from Gays Mills (one of Zak's favorite vacation destinations) he made this cider like brew that has little to no carbonation in it.
If you're expecting a beer, forget it. This beverage pours, smells, tastes and looks just like a cider.
If you haven't tried it, please, get out and buy one before they're all gone.
The fun part about Mr. Carey's unplugged brews is that we may never see them again. It definatly adds to his beers' nostalgia. So like I said....drop your computer and go buy some beer!

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