Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy f'n New Year.

Another year is in the books. Its the great time of year where you are allowed to make an ass of yourself and cover up with " Happy New Year". You can literally tip over your barstool, spilling a crowd's drinks and get away with it because you have a funny hat and noisemaker. December 31st is the only night where it is okay to make bold promises and not follow through with them. Where it's okay to kiss a perfect stranger and then walk away. It is glorious. All of these things are great, but normally occur because everyone else does it. So I implore you all to try something new this year and it could start with your drink of choice to begin this assuredly disastrous new year.

Maybe it's a sign of my old age and lack of a outgoing personality, but this year I plan to fight any crowd and stay home with my date, Sweet Rose. This fine sparkler from Korbel is affordable at $9-12/btl and is a twist on your typical champagne/sparkling wine toast. Or in my case, a drink straight out of the bottle. I will update with my tasting notes in a few days.

Readers....Any drink plans for this fine holiday? Any silly resolutions?

Cheers! oh and happy new year!


ZRC said...

That's right, I followed through with my new years eve plans and stayed home to drink the Korbel Sweet Rose. ...Not actually by choice.
This morning at work I accidentally dropped my cell phone in a toilet. seriously. I was sober. Bright of day. How the h-e double hockey sticks do you call anybody these days without a cell phone. It disgusts me how much I have come to rely on some piece of plastic.

On a brighter note the Sweet Rose is delicious. Very sweet and full flavored with the bubbles crashing into your mouth. A refreshing finish that actually paired awesome with Sushi(raw salmon, tuna, and barbecued eel).

I hope that not a single person reads this before Jan 1st. That could mean you are as lame as I am. So Happy New Year and Cheers!

Ben Lenox said...

Happy F'in new year to you too, Zak.
I'm glad that I did not read this before Jan. 1st. In fact, it's the 5th today....so thanks for the pick-me-up.
There are moments in your post when you seem downright angry. Did your new years suck that much!?
As for the Korbel Sweet Rose, I disagree (from what I remember) on the sweetness factor. It's been awhile since I tried it, but I remember it not being as sweet as I was expecting. I also remember having the thought that Korbel should've just gone with just "Rose" on the label.
Oh well, I guess that's why I'm not tasting wines and designing labels, and why I'm retailing it all instead...
Anyway, I've been sick for the last few days, but when I get better I'm going to drink something and post it on this blog. I have vowed to WE DRINK MORE that I will contribute AMAP (as much as possible) in '09.

Alright time to end this rant, but before I go, check out the link below. It's a recipe that Mark showed me, and has now been on my mind since I've seen it. I'm not sure who has a smoker, but this recipe shall be realized!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Bacon EXPLOSION!

ZRC said...

Ben, thanks for adding to my rant. New years wasn't that bad....but you know that the world and powers that be are against you when you drop your phone in a toilet...on new years. pretty hard in this day and age to do anything without a cell phone. I'm over it..

That bacon recipe sounds awesome, do you think that Venison Bacon would work with that?? Thanks for the post, keep it up!

Ben Lenox said...

YES! Of course venison bacon would work. I bet it would be even "danker" when smoked.
I finished up the last of the bacon you left me with about a month ago.....mmmmm bacon.....

Maybe we should start another blog:


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