Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Skal meets Pineapple Express

Talk about a winter warmer.
A few months back I had the incredible experience of going to see Pineapple Express at the Rivioli theater in Downtown La Crosse, WI. They served Winter Skal(probably left over from last year at that point) and I was with a cute girl... shit you not. The movie is probably the funniest movie I have seen in multiple years, actually laughing out loud ...three winter skal's probably help the cause.

So, with this chilly weather I am attempting to recreate that night, minus the girl unfortunately. While enjoying a tasty Winter Skal and some laughs, this is the perfect winter warmer. This heavy, amber styled beer has a slightly sweet aftertaste. At 5.4% alc/vol it remains smooth. Only available November-January at $7-11/6pack.

It's a great beer, but I will continue on my conquest for my favorite winter beer of the season.

Have thoughts on either? Feel free to comment until your heart desires. Oh, and read Ben Lennox's comments lately. He is one of the greats of our time.


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