Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy f'n New Year.

Another year is in the books. Its the great time of year where you are allowed to make an ass of yourself and cover up with " Happy New Year". You can literally tip over your barstool, spilling a crowd's drinks and get away with it because you have a funny hat and noisemaker. December 31st is the only night where it is okay to make bold promises and not follow through with them. Where it's okay to kiss a perfect stranger and then walk away. It is glorious. All of these things are great, but normally occur because everyone else does it. So I implore you all to try something new this year and it could start with your drink of choice to begin this assuredly disastrous new year.

Maybe it's a sign of my old age and lack of a outgoing personality, but this year I plan to fight any crowd and stay home with my date, Sweet Rose. This fine sparkler from Korbel is affordable at $9-12/btl and is a twist on your typical champagne/sparkling wine toast. Or in my case, a drink straight out of the bottle. I will update with my tasting notes in a few days.

Readers....Any drink plans for this fine holiday? Any silly resolutions?

Cheers! oh and happy new year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

In search of a winter warmer?

I like to drink beer in every season, but there is something to be said about a nice heavy beer to match the season of winter in Wisconsin. For those unaware of the frigid winter in Wisconsin. Below zero temps, snow, ice, shoveling, scraping your windshield, etc. You can complain all you want about the cold weather, shitty roads, and black ice. Trust me, some people do complain all winter long, and for those people who don't deserve Wisconsin, I hear that Phoenix, AZ is open and you can go live there all year long.
For the rest of us, we can persevere by finding that perfect winter beer. Please join me in drinking the best of winter seasonal beers that are out there. My previous favorites have been the Winter Welcome from Samuel Smith and Delirium Noel. In the cold weather I like a strong beer with higher alcohol content to create that warming sensation in your chest and throat, might sound wierd but its there.

My journey tonight starts with the Sprecher Winter Brew on a chilly night where the temp outside is O degrees. A seasonal, full bodied dark beer has caramel and chocolate aromas, and tastes pretty sweet with a clean finish. This lager is heavy, but not by any means the perfect winter warmer. Sprecher makes some good beer and the winter brew is average at best. I was hoping this beer would be a heavier version of the Black Bavarian, but its still worth a try.
It hails at 5.75%alc/vol and is available in 16oz bottles.

Suggestions please? You suggest a winter beer and I will drink it and review...happily! Cheers!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Your liquor store shelf just called, they still have Beaujolais Nouveau!!

With the 3rd Thursday of November in our distant past, we should still enjoy the Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2008. For most Americans this is the Thanksgiving, turkey wine. A fruity and light red wine that pairs incredibly well with a juicy turkey and leftovers for later in the evening when you were already stuffed, but moved around a bit and made some room. This year seemed to have more cranberry notes than in years past and the result was delicious. A bit of lingering dryness is pleasant almost like a glass of fresh cranberry juice. I would suggest it for any Christmas party or ham dinner. By this time of year some stores will even reduce the price to ensure that the nouveau(new wine) sells through in entirety.
This year's crop was apparently down and the price went up a bit, but for $12-15/btl this is one way to say happy holidays and cheers! Wollershiem winery of Wisconsin also released their Ruby Nouveau this year and some stores might have the great substitute at $8-10/btl. Plus its nice to support Wisc wine in this dreadful economy.

With all that said, What are you all drinking for the holiday's this year?? Any good x-mas beer or wine suggestions? Drink recipes?

Bah Humbug!

It's the holiday season. Happy Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you choose to celebrate. Hopefully you are all done standing in line at fricken Best Buy or Toys R US for this year at least. My sincere wish for Christmas is that somehow, someway this blog can actually become a productive part of our lives and grow daily/weekly. Please join me in a corny, group new years resolution to drink something new at every opportunity and strive to be open minded and passionate. But, mostly to just post and comment on this blog. As of January 1st, We Drink More! will officially become a community and we are calling all drinkers, writers, and opinionated, sarcastic people to join us as authors.

e-mail colemanz@students.westerntc.edu or comment on this post for consideration to join as an author. Once accepted, post whenever and about whatever that gets you going, but be nice and accepting of other people at all times!

Check out my idea of a christmas tree from youtube.

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