Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beer Review: Bell's Oberon Ale

This is just a reminder that there is still a good chunk of summer left. We are approaching August 1st and this makes me upset for two reasons. It means I have to pay my fricken rent again and more importantly the Oberon Ale from Bell's Brewery will soon be leaving us for the year. Bell's is rapidly becoming one of the largest microbreweries in the country and they stand strong producing a creative personality and superior beers. Oberon is a cloudy wheat ale with hints of orange and wheat that finishes smooth. There really isn't much aroma, a slight citrus smell, but nothing very strong. This summer ale is meant to be enjoyed on the water or with sand between your toes and it is really refreshing. It really gives my standby (New Glarus-Spotted Cow) a run for its money. This is available Late-March through October in 6 pk bottles and 5-liter mini kegs. I highly suggest going the mini keg route. It is a challenge to drink in one night, but you'll enjoy every sip from a fresh Oberon on tap in your very own fridge! A big shout out to Nate from Gen Bev for turning me onto Oberon this last spring and encouraging me to review it. If you like Oberon give a few other Bell's products like their Porter or the Two Hearted Ale a try!
Retails $7-8 per 6pk bottles
$16-19 per 5 Ltr Keg
5.8% alc/vol

Readers: What is your favorite Summer Ale?? Please include links!!


Ben Lenox said...

Hello everyone!

Great review, Zak!

I can't agree more with you when you say that this beer rivals the local stand-by (New Glarus' Spotted Cow).

I've had quite a few Summer Ales, but nothing tops this brew.

If you are reading this response and you still haven't tried Bell's Oberon, shut your computer off and go to your local liquor store (Festival Wine & Spirits) and get some now. When you are finished with your initial samples, go back and get a "mini-keg". The mini-keg experience is highly recommended on my behalf.

All this typing makes me thirsty,....I need a beer.


Bigred said...

Thanks for reviewing my fav beer. Bell's deserves the respect of all serious beer drinkers. I must concur on your "mini keg experience". It is a great way to share Bell's Oberon with friends, which is a time that beer is at it's best. I am looking forward to reading future reviews.

Ben Lenox said...

Thanks for reading, BigRed! I love your chewing gum. j/k......

Are you from Michigan? How did you first find Oberon?

Hope to hear from you again, and don't forget to bookmark us so you stay up-to-date on the latest news & reviews.


ZRC said...

Thanks for the post Big Red, please check back in the near future!! Just wanted to update you all and give a personal shout out to my Mom. She isn't a big beer drinker but loves Spotted Cow. I brought home a 6 pk of Oberon for her this weekend and after some hesitation she really enjoyed it. I like her theory that if you are only gonna have 1 or 2 beers at a time that you had better get the best beer possible. Thanks for everything you do for me Mom!

Matt said...

Oberon is refreshing and crisp which left a smile on my face. With every drink I would look at the bottle and think to myself, how could I have gone this long without this beer in my hand. Now everytime I go camping at a party or on the river, I'll always have an Oberon in my hand.

Anonymous said...

Ben, i live near the brewery and i enjoy their beers daily, did you know they add peel of sicilian blood oranges and wheat from germany to this beer. Enjoy your Oeberon.

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