Monday, July 28, 2008

Bar Review: Jennings & Co

It is hard to put together a more fun weekend then I had this last weekend in Central Wisconsin. I went home initially to visit some family and friends, but I was greeted with a great surprise. In my small hometown of Wisconsin Rapids, WI there is a new brew pub! Jennings & Co is located in downtown and offers a rustic feel and great selection of beers. They are in the process of expanding within the current location to offer food, gaming, and will soon be brewing their own beer ( I heard a rumor they might do a Scotch Ale...which I love). Their bartender provided me with expertise and superior customer service. The beer selection featured the best beers that Central Wisco has to offer, and I was extremely impressed with the selection from O'So Brewery of Plover, WI. This is a relatively new brewery, but they for sure know what to do! The Black Cocker Bock and Night Train Oatmeal Porter were definitely my faves, but their Hopdinger is a nice smooth, mellow pale ale. Oh yeah and the bottled beer was only 2 bucks which in my book is a steal. I also tried the Big O (their answer to Spotted Cow) and the Rusty Red which were okay, but nothing special. Go to their website to find locations, and beg your local liquor store to carry their beer when it becomes available. Jennings also had beer from Central Waters and Point Brewery which are both putting out some pretty excellent beer. If anybody knows Wisconsin Rapids it is a paper mill town that has been on the decline, but Jennings & Co may be the new shining point. I fully intend to go back and try their beer once they get up and brewing.

On a side note, to top off the whole weekend I was able to join a bunch of friends in Poynette, WI for a night where there was a party with a full bar. Of all the options I still chose to go with some Old Thompson Whiskey...because I am classy like that. The next day can be rough after the OT, but I still managed to catch some mini golf in the Wisconsin Dells which is always an excellent time! Until we drink again...

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