Saturday, August 30, 2008

If you don't drink Pearl Street Beer ...... then F*** you!

While the title isn't their real slogan, it should be. Pearl Street is awesome beer made by awesome people. Every employee is passionate about their beer and I believe this title could be an unsaid explanation for how strongly they feel. This means that every beer is an easy drinking, full flavored beer of consistent quality and uniqueness. If I was sitting in a bar staring at all their beer on the tap lines, it would be really difficult to choose which beer to drink first. The Rolled Oat Stout is milky sweet and somewhat light in taste. Unlike some stouts where your stomach is full immediately after drinking it, this organic stout can be enjoyed all night long and in most climates. I also really enjoy the El Hefe in taps and bottles, while Downtown Brown. D.T.B is basically their flagship beer and can be found in many restaurants and stores.

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to the brewery(directions) and visit for the first time. So being a Pearl Street Virgin I couldn't wait to drink every beer and soak up the atmosphere. Walking into the brewery is like walking into a hardwood cottage, beautiful yet inviting. A dog is running around, great music playing, customers laughing, and tasty mustard pretzels are on the bar. The tasting room is set up like a wide open bar with lots of seating and reasonable prices ($2-3 pint), how cool is that! I was greeted with a Dankenstein IPA which recently won "Most over the Top Beer" at the Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison, WI. This imperial IPA is hazy dark brown in color and carries an amazing aroma. It has a very floral, hoppy smell and for an Imperial (9.5% alc/vol) IPA it is very well balanced. It's delicious lingering finish brings all of my taste buds to life in a way that I feel them all screaming "Thank You". Some big, full-bodied IPA's may have great flavor but absolutely ruin your palate for the evening (think Ruination IPA by Stone). The Dank is measured at 104 IBU's which is technically over the limit...but not under arrest. Whats an IBU?? For how bitter this beer is supposed to be, its so smooth and tasty. There's a slight alcohol burn, but actually pleasant.

The Dankenstein is currently out at the brewery, but I hope Joe (Brewmaster) decides to brew another batch in the near future. For anyone interested in this beer, Nicky B. and Allie saved me the last Dankenstein Growler and sorry to sound like a 3rd grader, but you can't have none.

Speaking of growlers, which are half-gallon btls, how many breweries do you know that reward you for drinking their beer and recycling? Purchase a growler and receive a free refill for every 10 6pk holders that you return in good condition. That's just one small reason to visit Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse and the tasting room is open Tues-Fri 4-7Pm and Sat 12-5PM. The tasting room is right in the brewery and is a smoke free, clean environment. Great music, cool people, and enthusiastic yet knowledgeable bartenders. This is the perfect atmosphere for tasting beer and enjoying a great afternoon or evening with friends!

I'm curious for any reader's thought about Pearl Street's Beer and tasting room! Were you lucky enough to taste the Dankenstein?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree 100% with everything in this message about how great Pearl Street is. Pearl Street Brewery's Brewmaster is nothing short of a GOD when it comes to his mastery of the art and science of brewing. Not to mention, he is quite a fine looking fellow, too. And a good dancer!

Ha Ha Ha!! Just kidding, this is Joe! Thanks for the great comments about PSB. Glad you like the place and the beer. Today I am brewing a special, limited release Oktoberfest Harvest Ale with our homegrown hops! Cheers!

ZRC said...

Joe thanks for reading, please check back in the future! Pearl Street is definitely a force to be reckoned with..that Harvest Ale sounds great, please let us know when it's ready to drink! Hope to see you soon! Cheers!

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