Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pinot For The People!

I love Pinot Noir.
I favor it over other varieties due to it's consistent approachability. It's not because of the movie Sideways, either....just for the record.

I decided to write about Mark West Pinot Noir for a few reasons. First, I'm drinking it right now. Second, it's a staple in our store (festy). Third, I can't pick out a better bottle of Pinot for the price. We've sold this bottle for over 2 years now at $9.99, and not only has it been our best selling Pinot Noir, it's been one of our best selling bottles of wine.

If you check out the website, it really exemplifies the concept they're trying to convey in their wine: Pinot for the people.

This wine brings some serious fruit. The color is very light, and the nose has a soft raspberry component along with a slight toastiness. On the palate I experience a bit of cherry/raspberry, with a dash of cocoa, and a drop of toasty strawberry for the finish.

I'll give this wine two thumbs up completely based on value. To get this much fruit out of a pinot noir, normally you have to pay at least 15-17 dollars minimum.
Even if you don't like wine, or have never even tried it, this is a great bottle to start with.

Okay, I'm about finished now. What I want from you....is your feedback!
I know there are people who have visited this website and not posted anything. (That means you--Nate, Mark, and Chris!)

Until next time.......whether your glass is half full, or half empty, .......I just hope it's at least got something in it.




Bigred said...

It's too bad this wine has a taint shrouding it's supposive goodness. Being a wine from Noelke gives it a rainbow of repulsive subtleties. I will trust your palate Ben but until this wine enters our warehouse I will abstain from further comment on this wine.

Ben Lenox said...


While I admire your homage to your organization, it is unfair to assume this wine is bad.
Are you implying that good people make and sell good wine, and that bad people make and sell bad wine?

Please explain further....this is good stuff.

Anonymous said...
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Bigred said...

To my main dude, Ben. Sorry for my late-night crabbiness concerning Mark West Pinot Noir. But I failed to write in my comment that I believe over-all there are better wine valleys for less costly retails on the market in your store. I value your opinion concerning this wine. A Pinot Noir that exhibits average attributes is no match for a less expensive Cabernet, Carmenere, Sauvignon Blanc, or blended wine that exhibits exceptional or above average attributes. Dude, this is my opinion only. I still have a major man-crush on you. Ben Lennox brings sunshine to my life. Check ya later!

Bigred said...

Sorry, "valleys" should have been

ZRC said...

I am all about people's passion for the products they represent, and I really enjoy it when they are open minded to trying new things like bigred is.
After much harmless joking we actually were able to get Downtown Nick Brown to drink a Spotted Cow the other night after a great evening of drinking Pearl Street's stout, brown, hefe, and pale ale. It also helped that the bar we went to sucked at life so Spotted Cow was basically the only good beer.

Great review Ben, I really like the Mark West Pinot!! It's one of the best ways to spend $10...

Ben Lenox said...

Dear MR. Mancrush,

I hearby challenge you to find me a better 'valley' (value) at a better price in our pinot noir section at the store. We will taste them together, side by side. Just as long as you give me some space because of the mancrush thing....

Are you in?

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